Problem Arduino IDE in Windows

hello at everybody, I've this problem with the arduino IDE in Windows, the example menu, in File, can't scroll up to view the list of examples. I can see only the first 40 examples and I can't see the others.... On Mac work fine.

Thank you very much

Which Windows? XP, Win7?
Which IDE? 1.0.5?

Could you upload a screenshoot.


ide 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 same problem

windows 7

Okey, I'am using Arduino IDE 1.0.5, Win 7 and OS X 10.8.4 but I can't see what you mean.

Could you upload a screenshoot.

i can’t see the examples after “Esplora”

I see.

Close Arduino, delete your preferences.txt file in Users\User\AppData\Arduino and start Arduino IDE again.

Otherwise uninstall Arduino IDE delete preferences.txt and install again.

nothing..... :(

Goto to C:\programs\Arduino\libraries\

Here you should see folders from EEPROM, Esplora ... to Wire only.

If you see the other folders as in your Menu>File>Examples, then that's the problem.

yes, in the folder there are many more libraries than those arduino shows

did you import libraries?

Maybe you can create a folder and put all the additional libraries into this new folder, so you can see them in the menu.

Or if you don't need them, just delete the folders.