Problem arduino IDE not recognising Pololu 3pi board

Hi Guys,

I've recently purchased a pololu 3pi robot kit and AVR programmer for my teenage son to play with and to learn more about programming and electronics.

He is more or less a beginner, but very interested in robots and programming them. (I am a beginner too so trouble shooting is a challenge). We have played with Arduino on and off over about 12months, and he can program an array of LEDs to flash and has a fairly good beginners understanding of circuits and components.

The problem I have is Arduino IDE won't recognise the Pololu board. I have downloaded Pololu libraries and can access example sketches through Arduino. Arduino does not show the Pololu 3pi board in the list of boards in the Tools menu. When I first loaded the pololu libraries, the pololu 3pi board was visible in the tools menu, but after restarting Arduino, I can no longer see the pololu board.

I have tried reinstalling Arduino, and re-saving the Pololu libraries with no change.

I want to stick with using Arduino IDE to program the 3pi as my son is familiar with it and is starting to get a handle on it. I don't want to have to use Atmel Studio, it is too different, jargon is different., I don't want my boy to have to relearn all this stuff.

Any help with this would be great. At the moment, I have an expensive paper weight with wheels on it.

Please follow the instructions here:


I've done that, re-done that, un-installed and re-installed that, and still not getting anywhere.

I'm hoping someone has found a solution to this.

any suggestions appreciated


Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using?

the current version from the website 1.6.13

Try this:

Works for me.

thanks pert

ive done that. I still have the same result. I can open sketches from the pololu library, just cant see the pololu board from Arduino IDE

Right now, I'm thinking I'm very stupid, or there is something missing.

The only issue I can think of is that you are not installing the libpololu-arduino folder in the right location. The instructions on the polulu website tell you to install to C:\Users<username>\Documents\Arduino\hardware\libpololu-arduino because that’s the typical default location on Windows but if you’ve changed the sketchbook location in File > Preferences then you also need to change the installation location. You also need to be sure that there isn’t an extra subfolder in the installation. The folder structure should look like:

{sketchbook folder}