Problem Arduino Yun reflash

Hi all !

I’m in trouble with an Arduino Yun Rev 2 card.

My first intent was to install pip on the Linino platform. Having experienced many problems in the process, I eventually decided to upgrade the Yun’s firmware. Bad idea !

As a result, my Yun doesn’t boot anymore. If I upload the YunSerialTerminal sketch, I can see the boot starting but it never ends. Consequently my card cannot connect to the LAN and I cannot connect to it.

I then tried to reflash the firmware using the YunUBootReflash procedure. But the tftp transfer of the image files fails each time. My Yun is directly connected with a Ethernet cable to my pc. I correctly specify serverip and ipaddr adresses but without succes.

Any suggestions to get tftp working ?


I have not tested this option but as far as I am concerned, there is only one way to update the yun rev2 that works at this moment!

opkg update
opkg install pkg (e.i. opkg install gcc)

good luck