Problem at programming mp3 serial module with arduino NANO

Hi everyone,

To start i’m not english native so I apologize in advance for my misanderstandings or mistakes…

To make it as short a s possible I’m trying to play all of an mp3 folder (called “01”, in which each mp3 were called “001, 002…”) only by powering an arduino nano and nothing else (no play button pressed or serial command send by the IDE serial monitor and so on…).

For that I used this tutorial including 2 sketches :

The first sketch allows me to play only the first song
The second one requires an external input (by the serial monitor)

I tried to modify the first one but without success;

I wrote a word document trying to explain all my attempts, fails etc… you can find it in the following attachement’s (see below : “Problème with MP3 module and Arduino.doc”

I would be so grateful if you could help me to understand how to writte properly the command needed to achieve my goal.

Thank you in advance and have a good day :wink:


Problème with MP3 module and Arduino-1.doc (267 KB)

Solution found !!! (thank you internet)

I had to replace my : sendCommand(CMD_FOLDER_CYCLE, 0x7E 06 17 00 01 XX EF);

wich can be traduced by, more or less,... nothing...

by the proper command which is :

sendCommand(CMD_FOLDER_CYCLE, 0x0101);

Thank you internet :wink:

Have a good day if you read this :wink: