Problem attaching Arduino Ethernet to Uno

My pack just arrived and I kinda got surprised when I opened it. The Arduino Ethernet doesn't have the extended pins for attachment to the Uno, or other board. So I can't upload the code, since the Ethernet board doesn't have an USB port. Is this a defect?

Have you tried contacting your supplier?

If the board is the one on the web site that has the 6 pin connector on the edge, then you will probably need another piece of hardware to program it.

I just found out I need to have a cable like this: to upload the sketch, but I can't figure out what pins of the cable go in what input of the Ethernet Board.

I have not used this interface before but it looks like the pinout for the cable is just a serial interface (from the web site):

1 : Black : Ground
2 : Brown : CTS (Clear to Send)
3 : Red : Vcc +5V typical (output)
4 : Orange : TTL Transmit Tx (output)
5 : Yellow : TTL Receive Rx (input)
6 : Green : RTS (Request to Send)
7 : ----- : Shield / GND

This means it can go one of 2 ways, depending on what the designers of the interface were thinking:

  1. CTS on the cable connects to RTS on the hardware side, RTS to CTS, Tx to Rx and Rx to Tx. Power lines connect straight through. Shield should only be connected at one end.
  2. All pins connect to their name counterparts.

My guess: If the pinouts on the cable match the pinouts on the Arduino board (ie, they are all in the same sequence) and you can just plug it in, then it is a fair bet that is the right connection.