Problem between delay() and delayMicroseconds()

I am currently working on a project of Li-Fi. So I used manchester encoding for transmission of bits and works fine (no flickering observed) when I use delay(1). But I need to bring it to microseconds. So first I tried delayMicroseconds(500) but the light was flickering. So I changed it to delayMicroseconds(1000) but flickering was there too. What is the difference between delay(1) and delayMicroseconds(1000) and how can I reduce it to delayMicroseconds(500). Here is my code.

Txlog21.ino (1018 Bytes)

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To help OP a bit more, the 'i' in 'myText[]' in your code has been interpreted by html as an instruction for italics. Read about code tags in the instructions to see how to post code, then we can see your correct code.