Problem combining Fingerprint Sensor with Servo Motor

Although I am relatively new to Arduino, I started coding Arduino specific projects a half year ago and ran into an issue combining the fingerprint sensor with header cables item that is bought through Adiafruit with Servo motors that are also bought through Adiafruit. I was able to enroll several fingerprints separately and run the motors on a separate code, but I was unable to combine them. When combined, I hope to register a fingerprint which causes the motors to turn. However, since I need the program to continually look for fingerprints, I put the code in void loop. When I do this, however, the motors continue to rotate even without a registered fingerprint. I would love some help and will be happy to provide whatever information is necessary to assist. Thank you!

posting the faulty code would be a good start

Also, please, include a schematic showing all components and power supplies.

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