Problem compilling the bootloader

Hi all!! I try to folow all the steps i found for re-compilling the Mega 8 bootloader.

But when all looks great this err message apears:

e:/arduino-0018/hardware/tools/avr/bin/../lib/gcc/avr/4.3.2/../../../../avr/bin/ld.exe: address 0x2060 of ATmegaBOOT.elf section .text is not within region text :-/

I have instaled the Win AVR and the AVR studio4, with both tools it give me the same error.

What i'm missing? The MakeFile its the original only include the E:/ path where is the WinAvr, tested too changing to the other AVR instalation folder.

The only thing i want to do is use a 3.579545 Xtal :o

Best Regards Frank

I have same problem before, but it's ok now. Try recompile using WinAVR-20060421

Very Thank you Ocon, i'm downloading now and crossing my fingers!!

Best Regards Frank

It's done.

Now it's working, but i need to remove this XTAL and use a TCXO. :o

When i use a XTAL works fine but when i connect the TCXO output to the Clock pin input (OSC1) the arduino goes slow and looks like it's working at low freq. What i more i need to change to set-up this pin as Clock from an external source? :o

Best regards Frank

Now i change this values at the MAKEFILE:

DEFS = -DF_CPU=3579545 -DBAUD_RATE=19200

FUSE_L = 0xd0 (CK3-0000 This is for an external CLOCK SOURCE)
FUSE_H = 0xca

The leds flash slow when i use this clock, and when the CPU must send the 0x14 sends de 0x94?.. i’m mistaken something more about the UART speed… :o

Some maths to do with the Xtal value and the maths to set the UART counters? :-/

Best Regards

Yes! It's working!. Two things was corrected, fuse bits seted at:

1)At makefile DEFS = -DF_CPU=3579545 -DBAUD_RATE=9600 low_fuses=0xe0 high_fuses=0xda

2)At bootloader.c the include: avr/delay to util/delay

Serial speeds works great!! the only thing that is not tested yet is the delay() and delaymicroseg() are working at the correct speed...i think is great.

Best Regards Frank

Glad to hear that. Thank for sharing :)