Problem concatenating a string and integer for Serial.println (solved)

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I've been googling for a good half hour now and I can't figure it out.

I'm trying to print some debug message to the Serial Monitor. Something like this:

int test1 = 15;
int test2 = 32;

Serial.println("The value of test1 is " + test1 + " and the value of test2 is " + test2).

That should print to Serial Monitor "The value of test1 is 15 and the value of test2 is 32".

Does anyone have any tips on how I would make that happen?

Thanks hugely for any help.

Edit: as usual, posting made me see the answer. To anyone else who comes down this path, use print in combination with println. If anyone else knows a way to do in-line concatenation, please post.

Serial.print("The value of test1 is ");
Serialprint(" and the value of test2 is );

With serial print you can't do it like that. You need separate serial.prints where your plus signs are with the last a println.

The streaming library is pretty good:

@groundfungus: Ha, I must have been making my edit right when you were typing the reply. And thanks.

And @Nick: thank you so much for the streaming library, looks phenomenal.