Problem connecting an Arduino and a sensor value to a webpage element.

Hello everyone. Pardon me if I had posted on the wrong forum, if this was already asked or if I had violated something here, I'm a newbie here in this forum.

My problem was about interfacing a proximity sensor value of 1 or 0, to a webpage element to change colors and/or photos. Something like:

if (sensor1 == "1") { // change background-color of box model in html to RED. } else { // change background-color of box model in html to BLUE. }

This idea was formed from our thesis project proposal of a webpage that shows the status of a parking space switching from "1=red" if it was already taken, and "0=blue" if no car is on the spot. But since I'm new to arduino's server capabilities, I have no idea how to do it, or if it is even possible. I hope someone would help me, it will surely be a big help for us to pass our final year. Please enlighten me!

Thanks in advance! more power to Arduino! :)

You could put the status indicator in a simple frame in your main web page. The below site has more info on some more detailed methods.

Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated. I'll look into it and get back if there's any problem. Thank you! :)