problem connecting CNC v3 shield with RMCS 2301 driver


for my DIY cnc project, I have been trying to connect My RMCS 2301 driver with CNC v3 shield...

the details are as follows:

  1. RMCS 2301 Driver DAtasheet
  1. CNC v3 shield

along with this I have external power supply for motors and driver (RMCS 2301) and Arduino .

I need help on connections of Driver and Shield.
I searched other forums but they had information about connecting M542 stepping driver with shield.. but have different connection... ( such as Enable + And Enable - )... please help me on this ... thanks for reply in advance...

I need help on connections of Driver and Shield.

Then post links to the manufacturer's sites. Ebay and amazon links are useless.

Sorry for that wrong link…

  1. cnc v3 shield nt available… M sharing the link of protoneer blog wch explains a lot abt shield

Also i have attached the datasheet of driver.

RMCS-2301(1).pdf (846 KB)

Here is datasheet fr cnc v3 shield

arduino-cnc-shield-version-3-0 (1).pdf (441 KB)