Problem connecting Easy VR 2.0 module to Easy Commander with Arduino

Hi, As I’m working on a voice recognition project. I have taken Easy VR as my recogntion. Although I have installed the Easy VR commander v3.7.25, Easy VR protocol header and Easy VR Arduino libraries. I connected my ETX and ERX of Easy VR pin to pin 12 & 13 of Arduino UNO board and the other two to GND and 5V and the mic has inserted in the Easy Module.

When I tried to connect it using the Easy VR commander, I get a message saying “A AVR/Arduino UNO’ device has been found, but the bridge" software is not responding or it is outdated. You need to manually download the updated “bridge” software to the device (see instructions)”. and I have no idea what’s wrong with this and from where to download the bridge software.

It would be great, if anyone could help me on this. really appreciated…