Problem connecting ESP8266-01 to Arduino Uno


I am trying to connect ESP8266 to Arduino like that (it’s in the attachment if you can’t see it):

and on my laptop I can see new network ESPxxx but on serial monitor there is (it’s in the attachment if you can’t see it):

and there I cannot do anything, besides this module is restarting all the time so I still gets the same messege like above. I have selected carriage return and 115200 baudrate. I tried with both NL & CR and different baudarate but with no result.

I also tried to connect RST/GPIO-0 with 4.7kOhm resistor to Vcc but still it didn’t help.

Finally, when I’m on serial monitor and I press Enter few times RX diode on Arduino is blinking but on ESP only Vcc diode is on.

I measured voltage on power rail between LM2596 and ESP, and if I dont connect CH_PD, the voltage is on stable 3.3V but when I connect it, voltage drops to ~2.7V.