Problem connecting NHD-4.3CTP-N SHIELD to a CAN bus shield DEV-13262

Hello, I am a beginner in working with microcontroller boards and I am currently working on a Redboard (equivalent to Arduino Uno). The main objective of this project is that the microcontroller should be connected to the CAN bus, listen to the data communication between controller and sensors and display data on the touchscreen LCD Newhaven Display NHD-4.3CTP-N SHIELD. The display works fine when it's shield is connected with the Redboard, however, if I put CAN bus shield (DEV-13262) first and NHD-4.3CTP-N SHIELD on top of it, then the display cuts to black and does not react.

At first I tried to reset pins, as I saw that 10th pin was used as FT_CS_PIN and SPI pin of the redboard at the same time, however, that didn't do much.

What should I do to make this shield combo work? I can't display data without CAN bus shield (DEV-13262) connected with the Redboard... I am trying to use example sketches to test whether the display is working on the CAN shield.

It looks as if both shields use D10. e.g. as FT801 chip-select and MCP2515.

You will need to hack one of the pcb to use separate chip-select pins.

It seems a little odd that there are no configuration options for CS.


david_prentice: You will need to hack one of the pcb to use separate chip-select pins. David.

Thanks for the insight. How do I actually hack a pcb? Should I just change pin values in header files or what?

Hack means "cut the copper pcb track and solder to a different route"

This requires careful study and thought. I would post a question on the Sparkfun site. You need to choose the safest place to wield an X-Acto knife. And the easiest place to solder a wire.

The software is the least of your worries. It probably just means changing a constructor(). But it might involve lots of edits.