Problem connecting to Uno Wifi board

i am a beginner and i need some help.
I bought a UNO board and connected it to my PC by a USB cable and it worked fine.
I then bought a UNO WiFi board and i am unable to connect it. I am able to change the board through the sketch tools tab but unable to specify the com port through the tools tab because it seems to be greyed out.
I get an uploading error and it refers to COM3
Also i cant see any WiFi signal on my computer from the ONO WiFi board.
The on light on the board is green
Could my board be faulty or is it something else?

Which Uno WiFi exactly?
What does Windows device manager think about the board?

Thanks for responding

The Board has UNO with WiFi with integrated ESP 8266 written on it

It also has MCU- ATmego328p

WiFi-ESP8266+8Mb flash


Does that make any sense ?

Whilst reading what was on the back of the board I also see a note that says DC in 7-12 v

Well I have been using 6V input I wonder if that’s a problem ?

I will try a 9V battery to see if that helps.


You need to install a CH340 driver .

Google “ install ch340 Arduino”

6v on Vin is not enough ( that’s why it says 7.5v!!) ! .... the 9v battery won’t be man enough , it might just do it , get a wall Adapter

Thanks for the advice

I struggled for a while until I found a driver for windows 10.

However I think the driver is loaded but it is still not working.

I am not seeing any radio signal coming from the UNO device on my computer. Should the UNO be transmitting a WiFi signal ?

I have a 9V supply connected now.

Probably see no wi fi signal until you have uploaded a sketch that uses it - it’s not the way to connect to the IDE.
You should be using the USB to connect to your PC for programming it .

I’d doubt a 9v little battery will supply enough current , use a wall adapter or the usb lead for now.

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