Problem converting 2560 Sketch to run on Calunium 1284P

The Chinchilla Temperature Monitoring and Alert System posted by wallaceb in the forum exhibition gallery is very close, with a few mods, to a project I have been working on for Swimming Pool Solar temperature and water level control. His sketch was written for the Mega2560 and compiles without errors under IDE 1.0.3 and 1.0.5 and works on my 2560 but does not allow SD card use, NTP/email server DNS resolution, and email send on alert when compiled and targeted to the 1284P on Calunium. Has anyone else tried the code on other 1284P boards/software libraries such as Bobduino, maniacbug or BahBots with success? I am running the recommended Steve Marple code for SD and Ethernet and the standard bootloader (not optiboot or xboot) and Steve Marple's Arduino_pins.h files. Could this be related to library interaction with pins.h? I would like to get the core program working ( RTC update via NTP, SD use,and basic HTTP screens) before making the "pool" modifications or at least see if someone could give me a nod and some direction where to start.