Problem converting Arduino Uno code to ATtiny85 (Covid-19 Wearable temp sensor)

Hello i am reaching out to the community.

I designed a very basic human temperature reading device.

My program functions correctly on Arduino Uno

But after reading and trying various programs i can not transfer it to function correctly on an ATtiny85 SoIC

Prototype1.ino Arduino Code
Prototype1_at3.ino ATtiny85

Hardware List:

DHT22 Temp Hum sensor
LED RGB Addressable 2812B (Alitove single pcb unit)

I have streamlined the ATtiny code cause i do not require the serial output to be read as in the Arduino Example

Thank You all for any pointers and help !

Prototype1_at3.ino (1.05 KB)

Prototype1.ino (1.15 KB)

BTW Code is streamlined to fit on the ATtiny85 8192 byte of storage.

Post your code.
In code tags.

Why is this so very difficult to understand?

Please provide a detailed explanation of what you mean by "i can not transfer it to function correctly on an ATtiny85 SoIC".

Trying Adafruit ATtiny85 USB board ....will post soon.

Double check your pinouts as normally that's the issue. Have you mapped Arduino Pins correctly on ATtiny85 shield ?? Moreover share your code in proper tags, its too difficult to download and open code, literally.

I have completed the programming with some help from @Spence Konde he tweaked the latest ATTiny coding.

I have submitted my project to a few organisations.

But the medical bureaucracy has me in a standstill....

Open source not for the big players in that industry.

At least it tried and succeeded ...but for a five$ device...the idea was good ....but the interest wasnt.

I am happy and disappointed ....i thought it would help, reassure people whom have been tested and waiting for there Covid-19 results....

At least it kept me from going nuts for 2 weeks ...I am back to my regular job a fleet to put the bread and butter on the table.