Problem copy paste from arduino to excel

Hi! Can you please help me how to copy paste the output from COM 7 arduino directly to microsoft excel in a separate cell? Meaning that, supposely it will have 5 different cell which are Time,ECG,Air Flow,Temp,Skin Conductance.

I got these interface when copy paste in usual way from arduino to excel which is not proper

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hi missnisa,

I would suggest you to use the software gobetwino You can log the data into a text file and open it using Excel.

If you have an older version of Excel you can send the data to it direct by using the macro PLX-DAQ, which effectively turns Excel into a terminal. You don't have to send the time, you simply send a command and Excel enters the time by getting it from the PC clock.

You can send the data to any terminal and save it to a .csv file for subsequent opening in Excel. It is just a matter of using comma separators and a line shift after the last item and, again. the termional will get the time from the PC clock. I use RealTerm but they are all much the same and are free.

Not sure about your exact problems but if you are finding that all the data appears in the first column then you can use 'Text to Columns' function to split it on comma or whatever delimiter you have.