Problem determining the wire set-up of a given motor.

I have this motor: (HP MOTOR C6487-60053). I have looked for info on exactly what kind of motor it is but when i search i get either a long list of data sheets for other parts or an ebay sale of the exact same motor but no info. I just need to know what kind of motor it is so i can know how to wire it.

Thank you in advance

Well I found HP MOTOR C6487-60053 | eBay which has some pictures, showing an optical
encoder, 5 pin connector, so perhaps DC motor on two pins, other three for the two photo sensors and common.

That is what I thought as well. I was hoping that someone had used this before or could find the specs because I need to know which pin is which before hooking it up.

Did you manage to find the pinout for that motor?
I have the same motor and problem.

Trace the circuit board, it clearly has big solder connections to the brushes, so the other 3 connections will
probably be opto-sensor ground, input and output.

Without opening it up you could try multimeter on ohms to identify the power connections to the motor,
they will be very low resistance.

Then diode mode to detect the IR LED in the opto sensor, then power that through a current limiting resistor
and check what the output does (pull up resistor should be needed normally).

Thank you Mark... Now I have the wiring figured out :slight_smile:
Next is testing it :o