Problem displaying weight units conversion

Beginner question: I'm using a Pro Mini & 16x2 LCD to display the output from a 100 gram load cell; this part works. I'd like to add a second LCD line the gives the load in grains. Seems like just multiplying the gram value by 15.42 should work but I'm obviously missing something. I've tried all kinds of things and the sketch compiles ok but all I get is a widely varying grain value or a zero. Can someone please help?

void loop() {
lcd.setCursor (7,0);
lcd.print (scale.get_units(),0);
lcd.setCursor (4,2);
Grains = (scale.get_units(),0) * 15.42;
lcd.print (Grains);

Grains = (scale.get_units(),0) * 15.42;Anything multiplied by zero is zero.
It's the Law.

Why the ",0" there ?

For the print function, it required two arguments, one the number to print and the second being how many decimal places you want printed.

Here it is just a regular comma operator. That means it calls the get_units function but doesn't use the return value and uses 0 instead. And anything mutiied by 0 is 0 like AWOL said.

Why are you calling 'scale.get_units()' twice only milliseconds (at most) apart to get the same weight measurement? Call the function once and save the result to a variable.