Problem during reset

I'm a french so be indulgent with my english please.
I have a problem during the arduino restarting and the televersement. In fact when I do one of this 2 actions, the arduino send some courant to differents pins. It's a problem because I do robotic so during the reset (whith the reset buton) or the televersement, the CC motors turn and if I don't unplug the alimentation of the motors, they start turning and become fools during the restart and they force against some obstacles (they risk to burn).
So I beg that you urderstood me.
Thank you for the answerd

We need to know which Arduino board you're using and which pins the motor drivers are connected to.

I use a Arduino mega 2560, all the analogics pins and an important part of the gigital pins. But that I want is a solution against whitch permits to stop he acces of the arduino to the pin during televersement. (This is not a problem of a specific pin)

During reset, the pins are all high-impedance, and if theres nothing else driving those pins, they will "float", picking up noise and having random value. If you need a pin to have a defined state during reset, or the time between when board is powered and your sketch starts running, you need a "pullup" or "pulldown" resistor on them - a resistor, say 10k or so to vcc or gnd (depending on whether you want the pin high or low before the arduino starts driving it.