Problem Eagle!

hi some time ago I ask for a similar problem and I solved it. Now I want to connect all GND of components all in one big GND that cover all the circuit(top and bottom) so I use a polygon and rename it to GND(after create a polygon I right click on it and chose the option with resistor R2 called name and rename it) but it doesn't work because when I launch the autorouter it create only a big place of copper but not connected to GND. Help me please

Doesn't sound like you Named it GND. I make a polygon for both layers, and Name both GND. Add some vias, Name them GND also to connect up any islands that may exist.

Or, you selected the Rectangle shape and not the Polygon. The Rectangle cannot be Named.

Thank you very much! it works If I want to add a component into the schematic after complete the PCB how can I refresh the circuit and obtain the new part also into the PCB?

Add the parts in the schematic, connect them up. Open the board file, the new parts will appear outside of the existing board dimension. Drag them into place, wire them up. Make the board & polygon dimensions bigger to fit the parts if needed. Ripup any traces that will be in the way and reconnect as needed. Alternately, use the dashed box and select all the traces, right-click and Ripup Group, and start over. Make sure the needed Views are selected if you do that - Top, Bottom, Vias. The polygons will remain. I draw them just outside of the dimension line (which is layer 20) so they are not in the way.

The problem is that if I add the component on the schematic it NOT appear on the PCB!

If you had one file open and not the other, and then Saved, that will make the 2 files become not in sync anymore. There is no recovering from that, that I am aware of. Delete the .brd file, let it get recreated from the .sch file (File:Switch to Board, it will say its missing and ask if you want to create one from the schematic, say Yes). After that, be more careful to have both files open when you Save. Have done to myself several times, couple times required a lot of work to recover. Live & Learn!

I'm working with the two files open together at least when I add the component..

Maybe you are - but if you had earlier saved one while the other was closed, you will see that problem. Run the ERC on the schematic, see what it says. Either that, or maybe you are zoomed in too far on the board. Zoom out, see if the components appear.

Now it work after close all files...before with ERC it said that there was a problem of incongruity between schematic and board.. Thanks for all answer :)