Problem faced using program X-CTU

I have successfully configure the settings for both Xbees Series 1. One of them is the receiver, the other is the transmitter. I managed to make both Xbees communicate each other successfully. But there is this problem that whenever i disconnect one of the Xbee and connect it back and test, i will always experience this problem which they said "Unable to communicate". Then i would un-mount the Xbee and shield and upload a simple program like blink from the examples shown in the arduino ide. After doing that, when i mount back my Xbee and shield and test on the program X-CTU, its working fine. Can anyone tell me whats the problem? i have tried changing buad rate, parity bit, it still doesnt work. Pls help me, i need the solution urgently to counter this problem.

When running X-CTU, to configure a XBee attached to a shield attached to the Arduino, the ATMega328 (or 168 or whatever) chip is supposed to be removed first.

Otherwise, the Arduino interferes with the data being sent by X-CTU to the XBee.

If the chip is laying on the table, unpowered, it does not matter what code is loaded on it.

Huh..really? i don't think dere is a need to remove the Atmega 168. Because i m also using the Arduino Duemilanove.

When i use the X-CTU software to configure my transmitter and receiver, i did not remove the Atmega 168 but i m able to still get a successful test/query.

I did not face any interference problem with the Atmega 168.

Is it a must to remove it to get a successful test/query? :)

Is it a must to remove it to get a successful test/query?

Depends on which shield and whether there are jumpers or switches, but, usually, yes, if using the Arduino with XBee shield to configure the XBee, the "Arduino-ness" of the Arduino (the Atmega chip) needs to be removed.