problem forming a zigbee network of end device-router-coordinator

hi, i'm using Arduino UNO and am trying to form a network consisting of end device,router and coordinator.i have some confusions as well as problems as follows:

1] Does the router route data on its own or do i have to write a code for it ? As of now, i've written the code. 2] can i form a network with a normal S2 zigbee and a zigbee PRO.

thanks a lott -Jacobian

I guess you'll know this api, but, in case you don't, I used it to make my mesh zigbee network.

hello bbotella,
thanks for ur reply :slight_smile:
with all due respect to Andrew Rapp sir,but i felt it a bit confusing…that’s why i made my own code for API transmission. Though i’ve acheived API Comm. zigbee to zigbee, i’m finding trouble with 3 radios configured as end device,router and coordinator.
( And i’m aiming at building a tree network)