Problem getting ATMEGA32U4DFU to work with Arduino IDE

Hello, I have a custom board I created modeled after an Arduino Micro. The goal is to be able to program it with the Arduino IDE. When I plug the USB port in OS X recognizes a ATm32U4DFU board. However I don’t see a port listed for the board in the Arduino IDE.

I read the link below thinking I need to flash the board with an Arduino friendly bootloader. I flashed it using a USBtiny programmer with the Caterina-promicro16.hex per the article. This did not fix my problem of the board not showing up in the port list in the Arduino IDE. In addition, OS X no longer recognizes the board when plugged into USB. Pics attached to the post.

Does anyone know what I need to do here to get this board recognized by the Arduino IDE?

Note: I have two identical boards, one I did not flash that still is recognized when connected to USB and the one I flashed.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Load Bootloader.png



That should be all you need to do. Do you have a schematic/picture of the hardware?

I would try the bootloader for the standard Arduino version of the board which is the Arduino Micro to rule out something custom or different about that bootloader, but that may not work now because...

I suspect a hardware issue. When the chip is a virgin chip out the packet, it runs at a slow speed using it's internal oscillator, when you add the bootloader, it also sets the fuses to run on an external oscillator, that is the first time you will know if that oscillator is working or not, if not, the chip appears dead. You may not be to recover it easily, but you can supply a clock derived from the chip doing the programming to get it ticking over, or fixing the hardware issue and the chip will start to run.

See your board and schematic will help though. More info here

Hope that helps, good luck.