Problem getting TI ADS1234 to work (load cell/strain gauge)...

I’m trying to get the TI ADS1234 working - I’ve searched the forums, no love… My setup is pretty much the same as in this post:

The RDY never goes LOW. The only difference between his wiring and mine is:

22 => 5V through a 10uF cap (as indicated in Figure 42 of the datasheet, for Weight Scale Application)
26 => Arduino digital pin 8

I also run all the power through a digital output (pin 9), so I can power up the device first with 26 LOW, then after powered up, switch 26 HIGH as described in the power up sequence (page 23).

I tried two different chips, both did the same thing (which is to say nothing)… I tried pulling down and bringing back up 26 as someone suggested in his thread, but no luck.

Here’s the code I’m using is based off of some I saw for the 1244 which is similar, and I just tried to match how communications should take place as described in the datasheet:


#define DATA        (12)
#define SCLK        (13)
#define POWER       (9)
#define RESET       (8)

void setup()
    pinMode(RESET, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(POWER, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(DATA, INPUT);
    pinMode(SCLK, OUTPUT);

    digitalWrite(RESET, LOW);
    digitalWrite(POWER, LOW);
    digitalWrite(SCLK, LOW);



    Serial.println("Power up device");
    digitalWrite(POWER, HIGH);

    Serial.println("Startup sequence");
    digitalWrite(RESET, HIGH);

void loop()

    int32_t value = 0;

    digitalWrite(SCLK, LOW);

    value = digitalRead(DATA);


    while (digitalRead(DATA) == HIGH);

    digitalWrite(SCLK, HIGH);

    value = shiftIn(DATA, SCK, MSBFIRST);
    value <<= 8;
    value |= shiftIn(DATA, SCK, MSBFIRST);
    value <<= 8;
    value |= shiftIn(DATA, SCK, MSBFIRST);

    digitalWrite(SCLK, LOW);

    value = ((signed long) (value << 8)) >> 8;

    Serial.println("Value = ");

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated - and I promise to post how the issue was resolved, so future hackers don’t need to spin their wheels again. :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. Where you able to resolve this? Can you please share code that worked?