problem in combining of code of line follower n obstacle avoider

hello…i hv problem in combining of both programs of obstacle n line follower seperatly when i opereates the program my robot work on both bt now i want to add both coding n i hv no idea about tht…i hv also search on tht bt the basics of combining is not found bt i m sure i will found the solution in forum so plzz guide me…

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile: krishna

Did all the vowel keyes fall off your keyboard? Am I supposed to be able to make sense of that? You're not texting your boyfriend, you're asking professional programmers for free help. Please have enough respect for us to at least try to type something readable.

sorry sir..and i am boy i extremly sorry for that i have problem in adding my line follower programme n obstracle avoider programme. my robot run perfectly on both programming now i just want to add line follower with obsracle avoider what should i do give me the advise...and sorry again

so what should i do give me the advise

Just the usual - quit hand-waving, and start providing details.