problem in connecting with RF24mesh

i want connect my Rpi to arduino nodes
i run same example code is in examples folder in repository
but it can not connect
and when i remove mesh.SerNodeId in arduino it can connect
but just because NodeId can not route packet correct
how should i solve this
i ask this question in Issues of repository but not any one solve me
repository Address
GitHub - nRF24/RF24Mesh: OSI Layer 7 Mesh Networking for RF24Network & nrf24L01+ devices :frowning:

How many nodes are there in your mesh?
Are all the nodes Arduinos?

Can the nodes communicate with each other? meaning that the only problem is with the RPi?

Do you really need to use the Mesh library at all? Or would simple master to slave communication be sufficient?

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

i test this only with one arduino node and one Rpi master
node can communicate but when i do not set NodeId in arduino slave ( then arduino message can sended to master correctly but when master whant to send answer , message can not route)

As you are only testing between an RPi and an Arduino I don't think I can help. I have never had an RPi.

You did not answer my last question in Reply #1


sorry for bad answering
i completely show and explain my problem in this video

*i have Rpi master node

sorry for bad answering

A video is not going to answer my question.