problem in detecting my own arduino

i want to make my own arduino with usb driver chip (atmega16u2). i have created a schematics in eagle cad and finally i finished the board assembly with same as arduino mega schematics. the problem is , when i connected the usb cable with my computer it shows" one of the usb device connected to this computer is malfunctioned, windows does't recognise it"

when i searched through google i saw the terms "DFU bootloader" and "arduino_usbserial_firmare". when i searched further i read through the software "atmel's FLIP" and "avrdude". i tried those tutorials, but nothing happened.

can anyone help me to understand this problem and to solve this problem.....?

Did you successfully upload the firmware to the ATmega16U2?

thank you for your reply;

after some changes in my circuit finally my board recognized as "atmega16u2". but i don't know how to upload firmwar...... can you help me....??

i don't know how to upload firmwar

I've never done it but I think this is the process:

  • Connect a programmer(you can use an Arduino as ISP if you don't have one) to the ATmega16U2.
  • Set the fuses and burn the bootloader located at {Arduino IDE installation folder}/hardware/arduino/avr/firmwares/atmegaxxu2/arduino-usbdfu
  • Upload the firmware located at {Arduino IDE installation folder}/hardware/arduino/avr/firmwares/atmegaxxu2/arduino-usbserial following the instructions in readme.txt located in that folder.
  • If you haven't already, you will also need to burn the bootloader on the ATmega2560 with the programmer. This can be done with the Arduino IDE Tools > Burn Bootloader.

I had a same type of problem. Please check this