Problem in esp32

I connected a microphone module to esp (wemos loline32)
Use 3.3v and gnd and pin32 for microphon analog
Any code upload it show error time out , there no diffrence between codes

After instal this version i able upload code for many times but again showed time out error

How the posting of the image and your code coming along?

Really, you want help. We have skills. We cannot use our skills to help you if you do not help us help you.

Now, how about the code, in code tags, and a pic of your setup?

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This is an upload failure, so the code is irrelevant. But the wiring can definitely be relevant to an upload failure.

Many times I can look at the code, lacking an image, and figure the thing out. Like say you put 5V onto the CLK pin or are using portB pins as outputs or you are using adc2 with WiFi. Those things are an example of what I have found, this week, by looking at ESP32 code that can make your issue.

I disagree, your code is relevant.

Oi! I have zoomed in on that image. Can you see how the breadboard has been melted?

There is obvious heat damage to the ESP32 developer module.

Yes, of course you'd have failure with uploading code. My suggestion, take the breadboard, the ESP32 and anything else you've soldered on, throw it away, and start all over. Chalk this up to practice.

But when i take out esp32 on broadberd and the uploading code, failure uploading again

Your ESP32 is damaged. Can't you see that?

How do you understand?, but it work and sometime show time out error

I have half a dozen ESP32s. They all do the same thing. If you change the port from USB0 to AMAO it fails to load in a different way. I have tried every trick on the web; adding a capacitor here and a resistor there and make this circuit with a 2N2222 and offer your throat to the red red wolf and zilch, nada, nothing, bupkis - on 4 raspberry pis and one Ubuntu 20.4 PC.

I dont understand your sugestion and sloution for this problem , please say me clear , my english is not good

It is neither a suggestion nor a solution. It is a statement of fact: Many people have tried and failed to get an ESP32 to work on an Arduino IDE. The suggestions made by those that got it to work do not work for everyone.

I once had a car that was in a wreck. Afterward, sometimes it would start and sometimes it would not.