Problem in interfacing a servo motor with a arduino wifi shield

I have connected a servo motor with my arduino Wifi shield over a wifi network and trying to control it wirelessly by sending HTTP request to the Shield from the local IP assigned to the shield by the network. I hv used the SimpleWebServerWifi example of the wifi library using the WPA wifi encryption.
But the problem is as I m trying to send the request to the shield, the wifi shield accepts the request executes the instructions of the servo and simultaneously the link gets disconnected. Every time I have to reset the shield for sending requests to control my servo motor.

Is there any solution to this ??????

If you are powering the servo from the arduino, it may cause the arduino to reset when it tries to move. Servos need separate power supplies.

Is there any solution to this

Certainly. But without seeing the code and knowing what pins you are using, and how things are powered, we can't tell you what the solution is. Union rules, you know.