Problem in loading hex files with Xloader on Arduino Leonardo

hello everyone, I have a problem with arduino leonardo. I need to load a .hex file on the card, so I tried to use Xloader, but it says "upload failed", has anyone had this problem? How can I solve? thank you!!

I'm not familiar with Xloader. Does it give any details beyond the "upload failed". That really doesn't give us anything to work with.

I would like to implement this project (, but I have problems loading the .hex file what could be the problem? Thank you!!

You haven't answered my question.

What other details would you like to know? in addition to failed uploads it says nothing, if you watch the video you can realize it even if you obviously do not find any problems. Thank you!!

First of all, I shouldn't be required to waste time watching a video to get an answer when a single sentence from you will suffice. Second of all, the video is not relevant to your situation because in the video the upload is successful.

Now that you have answered my question, I don't think I'll be able to help with your problem. I don't have any experience with XLoader and there are a huge number of possible reasons why an upload could fail. I'm quite amazed if XLoader doesn't provide any way to get details on an upload failure. That would be poor software design.

Did you follow the instructions properly?
You need to have Device Manager open, so you can see the com port number.
Open xloader and set up the Hex file and Device, but DO NOT select the com port yet.
Press the RESET button on the Leonardo, and watch Device Manager, because the com port number will change (if it doesn’t, hit RESET again until it does).
Quickly set xloader to the current com port for the Leonardo, and hit upload, and it should work.

Hello, i cant change the port number in the xloader, i change the cable usb to another port in the mother board and open the xloader, dont select the number port and reset the arduino leonardo, but dont change the port number, i try again and not is possible, Please helpme.

Hello, i cant loading the hex file in xloader with a arduino leonardo for a wheel , i try reset and again… and again… but dont change the number port :frowning: ¿what is the problem?

No experience with xloader.

Which device options do you have in xloader? The Leonardo uses the 32U4.

The usual process for upload 1) IDE resets the Leonardo by opening and closing the serial port with a baudrate of 1200. 2) After the reset, the Leonardo will have a new port number for about 8 seconds (built-in led will fade during this time). 3) Upload happens by communicating over that new port number.

Step (1) can be simulated by pressing and releasing the reset button.

You will have 8 seconds to select the correct port in xloader and click the upload button.

Hope this helps a little.

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