Problem in running Python code that pilots Arduino code

Hi All

I tried this code to run a temperature data acq transfer to python from Arduino but it gives me an error of invalid synthax in line 75, does the same happen to you ? how to fix it ?

The second version is the one I intend. I just did not change anything in the code , but I believe I should change ArduinoPort in line 14



Why not ask your question in the Thread for the project where the guy who wrote the code can reply?


My Python version is 3.6 in Anaconda 3

I have already asked the question , but I do not believe I will get an answer since the post is very old and it did not have any reactions to my question in the thread yet

My Python version is 3.6

The syntax for print has changed. Adding parenthesis may be enough to get past the problem.

Thank you very much

That was it, well actually now there is a new problem :

SerialException: could not open port 'COM30': PermissionError(13, 'Access denied.', None, 5)

Close Serial Monitor before running your Python program.