Problem in selecting an appropriate Arduino board

Dear all,

I have to drive a roller with the help of a motor. The speed of the motor must not be greater than 7 rpm as this is the requirement.

The next requirement is that I should be able to control the speed of the motor for each of my experiment which, I know, can be controlled with the help of an appropriate Arduino board and respective programs.

As I am new to the electronics background, I do not know which board should I make use of? and which motor should I use, DC motor or a stepper motor? I need a continuous motion.

Kindly help me with this.

A steel mill roller? A road roller? A lawn roller? A holy roller?

you have to define how many inputs and how many outputs.

it sounds like you have one input and one output. any, and I mean ANY version of any arduino will work. from a digispark up.

the UNO is most often recommended because it can accept shields and they drop in an offer a huge array of functionality without having to solder (much)

the UNO/NANO/pro-mini are all the same device, with different pin arrangements. I use the NANO with a screw terminal board for easy of connections.

but once you approach 15-20 total input and output pins, you need to start evaluating you board choices

Yes. I have one input and one output.

Can you please recommend me which motor (dc motor / stepper motor) should i use?

I require a continuous motion so a dc motor is of much help but stepper motor has its own advantages and it can also be used for continuous motion.

I am a bit confused in this case. Can you please help?