problem in serial print

i use nrf24l01 to send text from mega to uno
but the output
please help me

My inclination would be to:
Ensure no baud rate mismatch between code and serial monitor, and then sanity check by printing “Hello” at the start - that should print okay.

Another thing I’d try:
for (byte i=0;i<32;i++) {

That way, if there are 0’s, they don’t get mistaken for nulls and end the string, if there might be more beyond them.

I would also try looking at it with a serial console that shows all characters, even non-printing ones (ex: hTerm if on windows) - the IDE doesn’t show some non-printing characters, hTerm shows everything, and lets you view as either ascii text, and also show the hexadecimal, decimal, or binary values of those characters. Very useful for debugging.

There may also be something NRF-specific you should be doing, which I don’t know as I don’t use those things.