Problem including CUSTOM library uploaded to the Online Editor

I have the same problem when trying to use my own custom library.

/tmp/708540009/sketch_oct8a/sketch_oct8a.ino:2:16: fatal error: a1.h: No such file or directory

Windows 10, 64 Bit Chrome

Thanks for your help Bernd

Libraries must follow a specific arrangement.

Help here

A link to your library where you store it online would also be useful.

This is my very simple library… (372 Bytes)

The format of your library looks correct to me.

There are quite a few reports of this issue with the Arduino Web Editor. Here are the ones I found after a quick glance:

There is a comment from one of the Arduino developers in the first link:

smellai: Thanks for your report @tko1982, we'll try to find out what is happening

So my guess is that's where we'll get the first news of any results of the investigation. You might want to subscribe to that thread.

Until then, the workaround would be to use the standard Arduino IDE, which you can download here:

It was an error on our end. It should be solved now. Can you confirm?

Today at 08:02 am My sample library now works as ít should! Looks like the error is fixed.

Thx Bernd