Problem instaling driver for arduino uno on windows7, no file named "arduino.inf

Hello, i have problems with my arduino uno board on my window 7 computer.
The first image is the message i get while trying to compile any program (even Blink).
The second image is what i get instead after following all the steps on You can notice the file named “arduino.inf” where i should click to update drivers does not exists.
Help please its imperative for me to start working on my project as quikly as possible.
Thanks for reading and repplying, sorry for the speling mistakes and the attached images in spanish.

I just installed the environment on win7 64 and: I removed the first line /* to fix the compiler error

then I tried to update the driver but the win said it was already updated at best.

But when I connected arduino I got an error trying to load the program. I could fix this by changing the usb port on my system. My guess for this is that I first used a USB port replicated on my display and this hw propagator caused some problem. Be confident and keep trying because it should work