Problem installing Arduino driver on Windows 8

I learned that Windows 8 requires that device drivers be digitally signed in order to be installed. So when I try to install the Arduino driver, it doesn't work. There is a workaround that disables the Windows requirement, but I was wondering if there were plans for Arduino to issue a signed version of the driver.

Yes, there is already an issue opened and the developers said they are working on it:

arduino program no longer loads up on my windows 7 just pops up for a second then disappears total pain ....I changed my java but that didnt help .......any ideas ?

my windows 7 is having issues also with the program loading … it was fine but I think unplugging it messed something up …tried java reload by still no luck …major pain …

I think I may have to get another Java ....the program started at first but now when I click on the arduino icon it pops up for a minute then dissapears ....any advise please ?


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Arduino 1.0.4 and higher now have signed drivers for Windows 8.