Problem interfacing Sp 5-gfx-1 LCD with Arduino UNO

Good day all.

I am new to programming and i want to use the Sp 5-gfx-1 LCD to show mass readings from a weight scale i am using with the arduino Uno.

i have been told to find a library for the LCD from my superior, which i have failed to find, and having to wire the LCD is also a bit difficult since the connections are labelled differently from a LiquidCrystal LCD.

i have managed to get the weight scale working to get readings in the monitor tab in the arduino application ( a weight sensor module from

any advice or explainations would be appreciated.


According to Lascar's unofficial documentation, "The 973B has a resolution of 100 x 32 pixels and uses the Epson SED1530 (also known as the S1D15300) controller. The GFX1 has a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels and uses a Sunplus SPLC 501C controller. If you look at both datasheets you will see a few additions in the Sunplus but clearly these controllers are based on the Epson standard."
[Here](http://" notes/epson/SED1530-34.pdf") is more documentation on the Epson chip. Here is more documentation on the Sunplus chip. Here is some code for either chip. This may be quite a challenge. Good Luck.