Problem interfacing (two) Sparkfun's 9DOF Sensor Stick(s) to The Arduino DUE

Hey there,

As i had to switch to the Arduino DUE from the UNO to increase the Read Resolution of the analog inputs to 12 Bits, i became a problem with my already interfaced 9DOF Sensor Stick from Sparkfun. ( )

I Just pluged the SDA and SCL of the device to SDA Pin 20 and SCL Pin 21 (fromerly A4 and A5 on the UNO). And now i'm getting "nan"-Values from the sensors. The Sketch i'm using can be found here:

  • Could this be a problem with the different working Voltage of the Board? It Shouldn't, because the Sensor Stick is aso working with 3.3V
  • Is there a problem with the I2C interface with the Arduino 1.5 beta software?
  • Have i missed to somehow adress the SDA and SCL Pins, since the DUE has another I2C ("SCL1" and "SDA1" on the Pins 70 and 71)?

And the further questions would be : - Is there a way to ardress another 9DOF sensor stick on the same board with the second SDA and SCL Pins? - How do i access the different Sensors even if they have the same I2C adresses? - can i somehow change the sensors adress or do i have to use a multiplexer?

Thank you very much for your help,

i have the same problem, have you a solution ?