Problem interfacing with VC0706 JPEG Serial Camera

Problem interfacing with VC0706 JPEG Serial Camera

Hello guys,
I just received a couple of VC0706 JPEG Serial Cameras and want to interface with them. Here is the product link:
For the first test, I want to connect this camera to my computer and read out some information / images with the enclosed CommTool.
I followed this instruction:, wired the circuit up like on the image there and opened the Serial Port with a baud of 38400 (default speed for my unit).

But every time I click on “Get version”, it says timeout.
I also tried the arduino library, but as expected, I does not work either.
What am I missing ?
My unit has the following specifications:
Baud Rate: 38400 bps
Picture: VGA
Electronic Level: COMS
Video Format: PAL(R5 NULL)
Power: DC 5V

Could the problem come from the electronical level ? This one uses CMOS, not TTL as the unit from Adafruit. If yes, is there a possibility to convert the signals to TTL ? (logical level is 3.3V)
Thanks for any kind of help, I am really stuck here smiley-cry


Please tell me if you found a solution to this.

Thank you very much.