Problem Lamp Luminch One - System

Hello everyone,
I am a student in product design, and I am currently doing an internship abroad. I have to make prototypes of interactive objects.
I started to create this lamp

I bought all the equipment: except that I do not have the LED board that no exists know, so I used a normal LED. But it seems to work.

Code installed, I tested the system and it goes like this:

  • I plug the power supply: the LED lights.
  • Hand over: the LED goes out (small very nice time off)
  • Hand over again : the LED turns on
  • I try to vary the intensity, but when the light comes back it's at its maximum. I'd like it to be at a minimum so that I can change the intensity up, and not the contrary.
  • THE BIGGEST PROBLEM: Once the LED on, not off. I now hand over all the ways I can, it does not turn off, it may be low but remains lit.

Someone ever tried this system? Waiting to read you,

I can send you my arduino system in photo maybe