Problem LCD Winstar WH1602O with arduino, can't display any words

Hallo Everybody, I'm newbie using arduino and LCD, if you dont mind please help me how to solve this problem.

at first, I tried make connection and script like in example

But the LCD display just like that, doesn't show any words

after that, I deleted a script, but a display's LCD didn't change anything.

By the way, I'm using LCD Winstar WH1602O which has datasheet like that

can anybody give me an idea how to solve it?


Your display, which is upside down, is not being properly initialized. This is frequently due to a problem with the wiring.

We will need a photograph that lets us unambiguously follow each wire from the LCD module back to the


Hi ridh_b

Do you use it(LCM) on other perform in before?

I have experience some LCM(1602, 2002....) with atmega16(not arduino module).
However it should be similar.

Give me some time to study your info.

I am HW engineer, but beginner in SW.
Wish we can growth together.


Please check below link.

Thank you guys,
yes the problem in wiring connection especially in soldering in D7 wasn't good,

Now everything is okay