Problem..level control with arduino and gsm!!

i have to programm it to check level of water in tank and over a desirable level (15cm) to close a relay and also open a small pump, aditional in this level i want to send sms ‘‘HIGH LEVEL’’. On the other side, on level (3cm) i would like to stop the pump and also ARDUINO send sms ‘‘LOW LEVEL’’…still i will send sms to arduino and it will send back to me the level of water in specific time in sms…
i attached my programm…
In this moment i have PROBLEM because it doesn’t apear results of anything in my PC like there isn’t communicate with gsm monitor

HC_SR04_antlia_v2.ino (2.43 KB)

A float switch would be the obvious way to detect the water level.

Sending an SMS from an Arduino is a fairly common project and I think you should have no trouble finding examples of that. The extra logic to trigger the sending each time the float switch operates seems trivial.

because this project is for my university ,i would like it with ultrasonic sensor for more specific results, but this programm that i have made not respond..if someone knows i would like to say me if i have written something wrong in programm and the fault is there

From your description it seems as if your Arduino solution doesn't work at all. This is a common problem when sketches are written as a monolithic sketch and not built up incrementally. I suggest you start with a minimal sketch that solves the smallest part of your problem that you can identify, test that and get it working, and then gradually add in additional features, testing each one as you go. For example, do you know how to send a single SMS? Can you do it successfully with your hardware?

i have test it the ultrasonic sensor and the command that sensor gives to open pump but not and then in this sketch added the commands for recieve and send sms