Problem loading code onto Ard. Pro Mini 16Hz

Hi everyone! I'm new to working with the Pro Mini from Sparkfun and I'm having problems getting it to talk to my computer. I'm using an FTDI cable connected to the header pins on the side of the board. On my computer with the Arduino Software, I've selected under "tools" and "board", "Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16Mhz) w/ATmega328". However when I upload my code, a message appears, "Serial Port COM4 not found. Did you select the right one from the Tools > Serial Port menu?". . What's going on here? I actually get a green flashing light on the arduino board whenever I do try to load something on the board from my computer. Nothing runs though. . Your help is appreciated. . Thank you, . Tim

So which COM port is checked under the Tools > Serial Port menu? You may have to actually click on it for the 'check mark' to appear after the cable is plugged in.

Hey Crossroads.... I didn't think you were on to anything but I switched around the different com ports between 1 3 and 5 and 5 ended up working. I don't know why this is as my other arduino I think was satisfied with 3 but this was the trick. . Thanks for your advice. . Tim

Yes, have to watch that. I have a duemilanove that shows up as COM3 while the FTDI-Basic adapter I use for programming Prominis shows up as COM7. If I don't check in between I get error messages.