Problem on Bluetooth SMiPF

Hey guys,

I got a problem when I try to use the bluetooth module to communicate between Arduino and PC. The bluetooth module is ordered from sparkfun, it is the new version with blue antenna. I have reviewed the Tutorial here Arduino Playground - HomePage, but it still did not work. I connected the power pin and the ground pin on Bluetooth module to 5V pin and ground pin on Arduino, and also connected TX, RX respectively. I think it is fine even the VCC is 5 volts, larger than 3.6 volts, which is the max value on bluetooth datasheet. (Actually I tried 3.6 volts before, but it did not work). After I wired these four pins, and offered power to Arduino, the red LED on bluetooth module blinks, is it right? So far, I finished the hardware connection part.

Next, I configured bluetooth on laptop. My system is Windows Vista, following the tutorial here The system allocated COM9 as outgoing port and COM10 as incoming port. I thought the communication is using COM9 port. Then I run Processing, wrote this code: println(Serial.list()); However, the result only show COM10, I am confused because COM9 is the one bluetooth uses. Make things worse, when I check the bluetooth property, COM9 has gone, only incoming port COM10 left. It is terrible and wield, every time after I try to use Arduino IDE and Processing to check the ports, the COM9 has gone automatically. So far, still only red LED blinks. I thought it has some problems here, the green LED should blink if the connection is built successfully. As you see, I stuck here, anyone can help and give suggestion? Thanks a lot~~~ :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I have set the communication as 115200 bps in Processing, this is the default speed for the new bluetooth module, so I do not think it has problems here.