problem on uploading data using temboo to spreadsheet

can anyone help me,im using code example that has been provided in the IDE which sending data from arduino into a google spreadsheet.When compile the code there is no error,but when i click the serial monitor it showing this error

Initializing the bridge… Done!

Running AppendRow - Run #1
Getting sensor value…
Appending value to spreadsheet…
A Step Error has occurred: “An input error has occurred. RowData and SpreadsheetTitle are required.”. The error occurred in the Stop (Missing request parameters) step.

i also has the TembooAccount.h file and all the detail…
can anyone suggest how can i solve this problem?

thnks (sorry for my broken english)

_3.ino (3.95 KB)

Please remove asap the file you attached. It seems to contain your personal IDs for google spreadsheet.

About the problem: Did you change anything on the original example sketch?

oh thanks..

about the sketches i did not change anything,just putting my id and etc..

Append a spreadsheet in google docs without Temboo