Problem on XBEE network

Hi everybody,
i have 3 XBEEs pro S2B, i want to set up a network which contains 2 xbee " end device " and 1 " coordinator ", each end device is connected to a 16F88 which send serial data through the xbee (Din, Dout) pins, while the coordinator is connected to the PC through an Arduino+xbee shield, and to dispaly data, the arduino send it to its serial monitor,and from the coordinator side, once receiving data, it send it to arduino using software serial . The 3 xbees are configured on AT mode, i followed the configuration mentioned in this blog :
the problem is that i get data just from a single xbee, the other can't transmit it, I can't seem to figure out the problem,
Any help is appreciated

You have not provided any information on how you configured the XBees.

The configuration is performed as described in this site :