Problem Powering an Arduino Leonardo BadUSB

Hey peoples,

I was hoping to obtain some expertise on a problem I'm working on.

I can't find enough information on the Arduino Leonardo BadUSB to figure out how to power it off a battery.

My setup involves a 3.7V 1000mah lipo connecting to a TP4056 pcb, then to a 5V step-up converter to regulate the power, and then to the Arduino. This setup works fine for a nano, but won't power the badUSB. I've tried the following:

  • Connecting 5V to the 5V pin
  • Connecting 5V to the USB power pin

So I then tried the following... Using my trusty multimeter I connected the BadUSB to a variable power source and measured it a 5V (no power). I upped the voltage to 7.2V and life. I further upped the voltage to 9.2V and it turned off. One fried BadUSB for the purpose of science!

So my questions:

  • Does anyone know where the specs for this board can be found?
  • Can the BadUSB be powered via the 5V pin safely?
  • What exactly is a safe voltage for this board?

What is the output voltage of the step-up converter when it is connected to the USB power and GND pins of the board ?

(Head slap)... I didn't check (durp)... And there is a problem...

I plugged in a nano and checked the voltages:

  • 3.5V when powering a nano
  • 3.6V when unplugged

So the problem is my 5V step-up converter is actually outputting 3.6V instead of the advertised 5V. Although that doesn't explain why my multimeter test directly off the BadUSB didn't power until 7.2V.

Thanks for getting me another step closer UKHeliBob.

Sorry to necro the thread guys,

But I'm still having trouble powering a BadUSB off an independent power source. Has anyone on the forum had success doing this?

I've tried powering the BadUSB with the following setups to no success:

  • Connecting 5V to the 5V pin
  • Connecting 5V to the USB power pin

P.S. The original project worked with an Arduino Nano, so I thought I'd share the results. It's a wireless detonator for a model rocket launch platform.