Problem Powering MPU6050 and StepperDriver

Hello everyone Im using a Stepper Driver dm542 and a mpu6050,
the problem is, that as soon as I power the Stepperdriver with 24V and start to step the Motors,
the MPU disconnects, I guess because of insufficient power supply.

The MPU is connected to 5V of the Arduino and the Stepperdriver is connected with Digital Pin and 5V according to the Schematic.

The Stepper and MPU each for it self work, but not togther.

When I use short Jumper Wires it works for a few seconds, but still fails when the Motors are running faster.

I tried powering the MPU with another arduino and use a common ground, didnt work, same problem.
I added Capacitors both on the Arduino and on the MPU.

I have no idea left on how to fix that.

Why does the StepperDriver even draw any current? It is visible by the LED turning low, when the Motors are Stepping.